I apologise for the long absence.

I came back from my holiday at the start of August to find my laptop wasn’t working. Between people at my work, my dad’s work and brother’s work all saying they could fix i (without success) and internet tips without success, time marched on. Finally took it to the proper repair shop and about £110 later it has a new hard drive.

I was using my parents computer, where the internet speed is so slow so that any website it deems picture heavy, such as anything relating to wordpress it won’t load. It also can’t cope with the Sims in any form.
Any got my laptop back over a week ago, and turns out the whole house internet speed has dropped (after a week of complaining they fixed it last night)It also wouldn’t load any picture heavy site, and took 6 hours to download chrome. It took about 18 hours to download origin, so that I could install the Sims (because stupidly some of the stuff packs I have are digital). It’s currently downloading, so then I can start playing.

My backing up isn’t as up-to-date as it should be, so certain things may look a little different (reed recreated) so it could still take a while to be ready to go totally.

In the mean time I have a lot of blogs to catch up on.